Chinese Herbs

Chinese Herbs in a powdered bottled formWhat are Chinese herbs?

Chinese Herbs have been used for thousands of years in the East, and have now become popular in the Western world as well. The evidence is growing that they can be potent pharmaceutical agents capable of addressing a wide range of ailments. Many people feel they have found relief from such conditions as bacterial, viral and fungal infections, chemical and heavy metal toxicity, inflammation and tissue damage, hormonal imbalance, immune deficiency, neurological dysfunction, insomnia and even, in some cases, infertility.

Side-effects of synthetic drugs

There is a growing concern today about the negative side effects of chemically derived medications and their possible long-term adverse effects. Synthesized drugs, although often relieving symptoms, are often based on a limited understanding of body function. Many medicines that were prescribed only years or even months ago are no longer available to the public because they were found to be detrimental in ways that were not understood at the time of their introduction.  Today we become more aware of their toxic side effects, distorting our own natural biochemistry and the body’s own intricate functions.

Synergistic approach

Herbs, on the other hand, are whole substances created in “nature’s warehouse,” and can often be more easily utilized in a holistic way. They are composed of literally hundreds of complex phyto-nutrients, mineral compounds and other ingredients that all work synergistically together—as opposed to man-made drugs created from just a few isolated chemical elements.

The cause versus symptoms

Another issue regarding any form of treatment is whether it addresses the cause or merely the symptoms of a condition. Holistic practitioners have found that symptoms alone can often be a very poor way to evaluate what is really taking place in the body. Hidden causes may underlie more obvious symptoms and may actually lay the foundation for such conditions as immune dysfunction, hormone imbalance, allergies, inflammation and neuro-degeneration.

Addressing hidden conditions

In many cases individuals may have various levels of parasitic, bacterial, viral or fungal overgrowth, or accumulations of toxic metals and chemicals—hidden conditions that may be underlying our illness. Until these conditions are recognized and eliminated we may experience little benefit from traditional therapy, or our symptoms may start to return as soon as we discontinue treatment. This is the frontier that Chinese herbs and other natural therapies seek to address—helping eliminate the various conditions underlying the outward symptoms of disease.