Parasite Elimination

What’s eating you?

“You have been to the best hospitals in the nation and have seen the best specialists. You have tried every medical test available. Your prescription drug list is so long you are embarrassed. Perhaps you have had radiation and chemotherapy. Oh, and don’t forget all those surgeries. You are still sick! All the massive testing machines, all the expensive medical insurance, all the top surgeons, all the endless tests and all the wonder drugs have only given temporary relief while your health continues to sink to new lows.”

“You believe in herbs, you’ve seen them help lots of people. You know minerals are important. You’ve tried them all. You’ve taken vitamins all your life. Your mother even took them before you were born! Why are you still sick? Many people get well taking supplements. You only slowly get worse. You have tried iridology, reflexology, chiropractic, and half a dozen other modalities with unfamiliar oriental names. Why are you still getting sicker every month?”

Sad truth about parasites

Overcoming parasites naturally

There is some humor in a quoted passage from Dr. James Overman, ND of Precision Herbs in his book Overcoming Parasites Naturally,  but sadly what he is saying is true for many of us with long term un-resolving health issues. Parasites remain one of the most hidden, illusory and difficult to recognize problems in our modern civilized society, partly because of our resentment towards such “third world” issues, as well as frequently inaccurate regular parasite lab tests.

According to parasite authorities like Dr. Overman, parasitic micro or macro organisms can invade any organ and tissue in the human body, while regular parasite cleanses only kill parasites in the intestinal tract and are unable to rich them anywhere else. In addition, unless we find and kill every stage in the life cycle of a parasite they will continue to thrive and evade our attempts at control.

Where do parasites come from?

We can easily get infected through microscopic-size parasite eggs spread on dirty hands, animal coats,  surfaces or clothing. We can eat parasites or their eggs, spores and cysts in poorly cooked meat, poorly washed fruits and vegetables, or in food handled by people with contaminated hands. If our digestion is not compromised, we have enough hydrochloric acid in our stomach, and healthy bile from the gallbladder, to kill the eggs. If not – they go through unscathed into our small intestine or colon where they hatch. From there they can make their way through the intestinal walls and settle down anywhere in the body. Additionally, we can also get parasites from being bitten by ticks, mosquitoes, flies and other insects.

Numerous parasite types

The term parasite can be used as a broad definition of any parasitic living organism, including microscopic bacteria, viruses, spirochetes and mycoplasmas, as well as all kinds of yeasts, molds and fungi. There are hundreds of species of parasites, belonging to several groups that infect humans. These range in size from a few billionths of a meter (nanobacteria) to over thirty feet long (the fish tapeworm). Each has its own life cycle, tissues it likes to traumatize, method of reproduction, problems is causes, means of infecting new hosts, and protocol needed for its control and elimination from the body.

What can be done

Typical medications

Whenever parasite energy signatures are present (as revealed through kinesiological testing) we base our parasite approach on Dr. Overman’s system, including his Precision Herbs complex herbal formulations. At the same time, as it is unrealistic to expect a complete parasite-free state, it is important to restore the digestion (including liver and gallbladder health) and to strengthen the immune system so that the body can be more efficient in maintaining its natural parasite defense and control in the future.