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An avalanche of toxic, ineffective products

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Ron Henry on Premier Research Labs supplements – PRL

A landmark study published in the Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association (JANA, winter, 1999) showed only 5 of 196 nutritional products randomly tested from health food stores proved to be both nontoxic and effective. The study found the other 191 products (or about  97.5%) to be either toxic, ineffective or both. Using this random study, this translates to a shocking, estimated 2.5% of nutritional products available in the marketplace that are worth buying at all (in other words, that are able to meet a somewhat relaxed criteria of being both nontoxic and effective).

Falling out of cellular harmony

Consuming nutrients that are synthetic or that have degraded resonant frequencies (from foods and herbs  that have been poorly grown or contaminated with pesticides and chemical additives, etc.) will necessarily dampen our own cell’s resonant frequency and, if consumed repeatedly, will result in a lowered frequency (meaning poorer vitality) of each cell. Consuming a synthetic or degraded nutrient may initially stimulate the cell’s DNA and initially produce an enhanced effect—so it “feels good.” However, after initial stimulation, the DNA of the cell may deteriorate faster, so the initial positive effects of degraded nutrients are actually short-lived, and encourage a more rapid aging of the DNA, and consequently, of the cell.

Activate your quantum energy biofield

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Bob Marshall – Premier Research Labs & nutrition

The consequences of the stunning discovery of resonant frequency is enormous. It is a secret key that unlocks the hidden door to why some ill people can quickly regain their health—and why others can’t. When we harness the miraculous healing powers of our body’s own quantum energy biofield, we can activate our own innate healing system to much greater heights, including boosting our immune system so it can fight infections with more vigor and strength. The nutrients in quantum-state supplements can be deeply absorbed into each cell where they are able to quickly energize the cell’s functions with healthy resonant frequencies, thus enhancing the bio-availability of nutrients, accelerating enzyme function and driving the regenerative forces into high gear.

Nutrition that really works™

Bob Marshall – live-food supplements

Premier Research Labs (PRL), founded by Robert Marshall, PhD, CCN, provides consumers and health professionals with a full line of nutritional, body care, and lifestyle products that work synergistically to achieve and maintain great health. PRL has clinically developed its products by working together with medical doctors, chiropractors, nutritionists and other health professionals to produce functional food/herb phytonutrient products that embody Nutrition That Really Works™.

PRL’s mission

The purpose of PRL is to help everyone restore and maintain great health, based on 5 key areas:
• Broad Spectrum Nutrients · Every nutrient critical to great health is readily available and in sufficient amounts in PRL  products.
• Living Nutrients · The nutrients contained in PRL formulas are delivered as concentrates from “once living” sources to provide ideal cellular DNA repair and protection, something simply not possible from old style, isolated vitamin and mineral products.
• Free of Toxic Tagalongs · PRL guarantees their cutting edge, phytonutrient power-house formulations to be free of toxic tag-along herbicides, insecticides, pesticides, heavy metals, fumigants and irradiation, etc.
• 100% Pure Vegetable Capsules ·  PRL products are manufactured with 100% pure vegetable capsules, and not as harmful tablets with liver-toxic glues and binders or with gelatin capsules possibly containing animal-source prions and toxic preservatives.
• No Excipients ·  PRL products are 100% excipient-free.  They do not contain questionable or hard-to-digest non-nutritive substances such as magnesium stearate (a toxic, hydrogenated oil), silicon dioxide (common sand), methylcellulose or carnauba wax, etc..