QRA Testing

Restoring the quantum energy bio-field

Bob Marshall - BIOFIELD
Bob Marshall speaking on QRA

Today, many scientists believe the secret of regeneration and healing lies not within costly medical drugs or expensive medical treatments, but in the body’s own quantum energy biofield. More than ever, the possibilities arise these days to restore the body’s powerful quantum bio-energy matrix capable of speeding up healing and regeneration. Practitioners of QRA™ use the quantum energy biofield as a template to first define and then eliminate stressors that have deactivated or compromised the body’s own inherent ability to heal.

What is Quantum Reflex Analysis?

QRA™ was developed after three decades of correlating electrodermal biofeedback measurements of acupoints, kinesiological testing, assessment of brain proprioceptive patterns and advanced nutritional research. To meet the current health challenges, QRA™ was therefore designed to permit rapid and accurate screening of stressors and identification of hidden blockages and functional deficits in patients, especially in those with chronic symptoms and immunological unresponsiveness.

Detecting various stress factors such as environmental pollution, mercury toxicity, radiation, various kinds of parasitic micro and macro-organisms, hidden dental infections, previous traumas, along with nutrient deficiencies and toxicities in general is absolutely essential for making clinically-effective nutritional, detoxification and life-style corrections.

QRA Testing
Ron Henry demonstrating QRA

In this regard, QRA™ serves as an objective, reproducible, scientifically valid as well as highly comprehensive system of kinesiological testing designed to rapidly identify key imbalances in the body and find out precisely what is needed to clear them. QRA™ features the use of a modified Bi-Digital O-Ring Test (originally popularized by Dr. Y. Omura), believed to be a more sensitive form of muscle testing, compared to using larger muscle groups of the arm, for example. QRA™ allows the practitioner not only to assess the dynamic status of the human biofield but also to gain invaluable insights into how to address the root causes of imbalances.

How does QRA™ work?

Whenever there is a specific dysfunction in an organ (such as in the kidney, for example), a specific related control point will test weak as a result (in the case of the kidney, the classical UB-23 Back-Shu point may test weak and is often sore upon palpation). Once the stress overload has been identified, the application of appropriate therapy to support weak, deficient or toxic organs can be successfully accomplished by testing quantum-state supplements to balance the problematic control points.  Therefore, with an application of QRA™, the barrage of faulty input responsible for “short-circuiting” the body’s meridian and neurological circuits can be eliminated.

To summarize, QRA™ provides a reliable method for precisely identifying the hierarchy of imbalances in the human body. It offers a simply applied assessment tool that quickly unveils the core issues in organ/gland deficiency and toxicity, as well as immunological unresponsiveness. By relying on the brain’s proprioceptive feedback mechanisms and integrating principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, QRA™ identifies the proper treatment sequence of aberrant meridian system function in specific organs and systems of the body. By defining how and why an individual’s physiology is stressed and providing the solutions to the negative health effects of these stressors, the QRA™ practitioner can then nourish, detoxify and energize the body on many levels.