Quantum Acupuncture

Quantum Acupuncture – The Next Level

The innovative new book, Quantum Acupuncture – The Next Level, demonstrates how to integrate traditional knowledge of acupuncture with new discoveries and perspectives that revolutionize the current practice of this powerful form of healing. The result of the author’s groundbreaking clinical research, which is unavailable anywhere else, Quantum Acupuncture is certain to appeal to anyone interested in energy therapies, such as acupuncture, Qigong, Shiatsu, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, light therapy, and more, including acupuncture therapists of all levels of expertise.

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A modern acupuncture guide & training manual

This comprehensive guide and training manual offers unprecedented methods of meridian evaluation and treatment, accompanied by over four hundred highly-artistic full-color photographic images and charts.

Contemporary methods of meridian evaluation

First summarizing the key principals of traditional Chinese medicine and the theory of Five Elements, the author presents modern means of electronic meridian evaluation, as well as the use of therapeutic low-level laser and kinesiology, revealing the great benefits they offer the acupuncture practitioner of today. The manual covers all of the essential points necessary to treat a wide range of symptoms likely to be encountered in every-day practice. Also included are full-color Electro Meridian Imaging (EMI) charts, shown just as they would appear on a computer screen, which represent all of the essential combinations of channel excess and deficiency, and treatment suggestions within the realm of the Five Elements.

A list of Treatment frequency for all major points

Quantum Acupuncture also offers an unprecedented listing of the relative frequency of treatment for all of the major acupuncture points, helping to define which points to consider in any particular treatment session. It provides a bridge between ancient and modern methods available to both diagnose and treat imbalances in the Chi. In doing so, the manual’s focus is the essential points of acupuncture and how to recognize and use them on a daily basis in a practical way. It does this by visually showing the relationship of the energy channels to the physical body, and describes modern methods of diagnosing and treating them.

A valuable manual for all levels of practitioner expertise

Whether a practice includes acupuncture itself or other forms of energy healing, Quantum Acupuncture – The Next Level allows practitioners at any level of expertise to dramatically improve their performance and to achieve consistent results often unattainable in the past.

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