LightNeedle laser

rj-laserr-smRJ-Laser – German engineering now available in the U.S.

– the German laser system now available in the U.S.

The RJ laser therapy system is based on more than 30 years of experience in development and production of medical laser devices (LLLT, low level laser or cold laser). RJ laser devices are made for both conventional and complementary holistic treatment.

lightneedle-6smRJ offers medical laser for bio-stimulation and bio-modulation for the widest range of applications, for single points (with either single probe or laser needle – LightNeedle) as well as for large surfaces with a multi-cluster probe.

RJ laser therapy devices (cold laser) work with the intelligent RJ therapy software for highest precision, safety and bio-functional therapy information. Software plus the microprocessor control enables precise programming of all the important functions, allowing for the flexibility to apply the latest research results.

Lightneedle – 12 points treated with laser at once!

– innovative laser needle acupuncture, therapy of deep tissue layers and non-invasive laser blood irradiation

lightneedle-smThe LightNeedle, offering multipoint laser needle stimulation, is an innovative new system. It provides precise and effective laser stimulation of 12 individual points and and can be used in a wide range of therapeutic applications.

rj-laser-2smLightNeedle acupuncture is relaxing and painless,  as it is a laser needle therapy. The LightNeedle device works in conjunction with the Physiolaser and takes advantage of all therapy programs and settings.

The LightNeedle has 12 channels (3 sets of 4 laser panels), each with laser diodes of 50 mW operating in the red wavelength at 655 nm.