Western Astrology

Astrological principals

Astro Chart 1Although frequently accused of being a pseudo-science, astrology nevertheless has withstood thousands of years of existence – a good proof that it might have much more value than many of its opponents are ready to admit. A central principle of astrology lies in integration of an individual with the cosmos itself, and in fact viewing them as an inseparable whole, all parts being interconnected with each other. In this sense, cycles of change observed in the cosmos reflect similar patterns taking place on earth and within an individual, following the rule of “as above so below”.

Western astrology

Western astrology, most popular in Western countries such as the US, is largely based on the construction of a horoscope associated with an exact moment in time and space, in this case a person’s location and time of birth, the various cosmic bodies being said to have an influence on the person’s unique characteristics and to even reflect the main landmarks of their life in general. At the same time, it should be remembered that astrology is not considered to be strictly “deterministic”, or as exemplified by the leader of early modern science Francis Bacon, “The last rule (which has always been held by the wiser astrologers) is that there is no fatal necessity in the stars, but that they rather incline than compel”.

Astrology and health

Another relevant quote belongs to the renowned Hippocrates who pointed out that “A physician without knowledge of astrology has no right to call himself a physician”. It does not necessarily mean that we should merely rely on what is called “medical astrology” with its very particular “stars to health” correlations, but rather that astrology in general can serve as a valid tool for addressing one’s health concerns from a more holistic, all-encompassing perspective. Just as the relation between body, mind and spirit has been recognized as crucial to a person’s general health and wellbeing, so too astrology can give an expanded insight into one’s overall nature, thus helping to address the psycho-spiritual issues that may hinder a person’s balance and growth. This allows us to gain a larger picture of the events that take place in our lives, very often offering a better perspective on our patterns of behavior. This in turn may help to shift us into a more aware, active and positively-reinforced state of being.

Types of astrology readings

Astro Chart 2Astrological readings can be conducted for a single  individual as well as for couples such as spouses, friends, parents-children and business partners, etc.. This allows one to trace the dynamics of personal interactions, and can give recommendations on how to create better communication based on more understanding and insight. To emphasize, astrology should not be counted on as a “prediction” or a “reading of the future”, but rather as a time-proven tool that can allow us to better understand our own nature, and often to make self-changes that may be necessary to shift into the next developmental phase.